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December 19, 2014


The Richest is an interesting website with own vision and perspectives about… how they choose “topics”. Advertisements

Modern Modules – Looking for investors

May 15, 2013


NEW Inventor looking for a Business man who are willing to invest in a revolutionary idea and a production line for houses, flats, warehouses, hotels etc. We launch on the market the new ‘Demo’ 3V H12m product.   Contact, Andrei Mihai Cioflan 44 (0)7932584634 andreim.cioflan@gmail.com VISIT MODERN MODULES – BLOG OF INVENTOR

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Influence of big ADS

January 13, 2013


My daily advice: If somebody didn’t bought something one day the marketing lost a battle. Reflect at this! Do you want to present the story of your company, your product or your service? Make advertising. People believe that ‘advertising means success’, says Jay Conrad Levinson. Today I met one of my friend and we discussed […]

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